LowLand Tiger Meet

The Lowland Tiger Meet is a LAN (Local Area Network) party. A LAN was originally invented to be used for boring things like file-sharing. But you can also use a LAN for more exciting things like multiplayer gaming. When we talk about multiplayer gaming, the biggest advantage with a LAN setup compared to the internet, is the huge available bandwidth. It offers a much higher connection-speed which results in less lag (if any at all).

There are a lot of LAN-party organizations, but the Lowland Tiger Meet isn’t just another LAN-party. The LLTM is the major European LAN-party (event) for various (military) flight simulations. In this respect the LLTM is an unique event that has no comparison with any other LAN-party or organization.

The Lowland Tiger Meet event is inspired on the real life NATO Tigermeet. Fighter squadrons bearing the Tiger symbol in their patch come together to fight, learn and socialize. This is what the LLTM is all about. Brotherhood, flying and learning while doing it

Reallife conversations & virtual confrontations

Most virtual pilots fly their missions on a dark attic and never face their enemy or wingman in real-life. Well this is your chance. Your chance to meet your opponent, your wingman, your squadron leader. Meet him face to face, shake his hand.

about3The social aspect of the event is one of the major goals. We want to make our hobby more socialized. Meet the face that goes with the voice. Forums, boards and all the MSN’s and ICQ’s out there, are good to keep in touch. But why not make your virtual friendship a real one? If this is your first ever LAN, do it. Go for it. You wont regret it. Your virtual world will not be the same anymore. It will have faces, memories, smells and friendships.

Flight simulation isn’t gaming. It’s a simulation of real life actions and skills. And it doesn’t come easy. It’s not just fire-ring up the computer and taking it for a ride. There’s a manual that can weigh as much as 2 kilo’s with 500+ pages of need to know content. Tactics, maneuvers, procedures, weapons, mission envelopes, formations and more. And once you have mastered the flying, stuff start shooting at you. And then the fun really starts.

A lot of Rookies (kittens) are struggling with the steep learning curve and tough manuals.
We want to encourage them to join the meet. Because there’s always a Tiger around to help you out. And what better place to see the aces in action or a real life pilot giving a full blown briefing.

A LAN-connection with other (v) pilots gives us the opportunity to fly over a more stable network compared to internet flights. Massive multiplayer missions come within reach. And so we can strive for another goal, promoting our military flight simulators. Introduce a larger audience to the virtual Viper, Flanker, Messerschmitt or Hurricane. And last but not least the enthusiasm of our community.