Tiger Spirit Awards

Winning a competition is fun. But the biggest honor is winning the Tiger Spirit Award. This is the award for a squadron or pilot that shows the right tiger spirit.
What is the tiger spirit? It’s all about true team spirit and social-skills.
The LLTM is for both Aces and Rookies. The kittens can take a glance in the cockpit of an ace and learn the fine tuning tricks and tips. Even the Aces will learn from each other and if they don’t they will surely learn from the briefing of a real F-16 pilot.
That’s one of the facts of the Tiger Spirit Award, help each other! So good performance, community effort, positive promotion of our hobby and the social aspect, are the main ingredients for the Tiger Spirit Award.
Tigers GoGoGo…

LowLand Tiger Meet 2001 31 Tigers Belgium For their professional show.
LowLand Winter Tiger 2001 Virtual Polly (322 sqn RNLAF) The first (v) squadron with their own tiger yell.
LowLand Gorilla Tiger 2002 Bob “Borock” Iken For his effort in setting up and running the first LLTM Rookie corner.
LowLand Gorilla Tiger 2002 47th VFS “Dragonfighters” This German (v) squadron brought their own special designed LLTM beer can for all competitors.
LowLand Tiger Meet 2003 Jagd-Gruppe-Ost For their great enthousiasme and motivation.
LowLand Tiger Meet 2004 Jos “Tonkin” Driessen For setting up the Il-2 competition with great effort and enthousiasme
LowLand Tiger Meet 2005 Virtual Air Power For their excellent (v) demo of the 2005 RNLAF F-16 solo display team.
LowLand Tiger Meet 2006 Viper & Woodstock
For their endless support and skill when we needed it the most.
LowLand Tiger Meet 2007 Spaceman Motivation is what it’s all about. Spaceman has plenty of that.
LowLand Tiger Meet 2008 Sebur
Sebur brought his own “serious” big cockpit to show to all, and ……… brought a bottle of the best wine for all LLTM2008 participants.
LowLand Tiger Meet 2009 Odin & Big Brother For their effort in leading the Falcon Section 10 times
LowLand Tiger Meet 2010 Joe Kurr
For his effort leading the Lock On Section
LowLand Tiger Meet 2011 1.JaVA_Star
For his long standing effort in supporting the IL-2 community with online servers of various kind and his helpfull attitude.
LowLand Tiger Meet 2014 Nurse & Homer
For the many years they have run the Falcon 4 section and their swift return as a LLTMCrew member when the event needed them to run the LLTM2014 FalconBMS section one last time, when they had already left the LLTMCrew to become a participant at LLTM2014.