Before you go ……

Some last minute news on the LLTM2011.
edit: added the timetable.

Before you go .....

The check-in to the LLTM2011 will not take place in the main building.
This will be done in the Atrium where the LLTM will be held.

Subscription to the LLTM2011 wil be € 12.50.
You will get your patch during registration and can buy your requested lunch and dinner coupons.
Please first register to the event before setting up your gear.

The big video screen will be placed on the far end opposite of the offices/buffet/briefing building. It stands infront of the hotel, on the floorplan on the left. The resolution of the screen is 864×504 pixels.

The above images shows the floorplan as we will find it set up. Please try to keep the general layout in tact.

We will have internet available through a wifi hotspot connection. There will be no event camera’s active this year. So no live feed.

The Atrium is getting a new floor. Construction on this should be finished on Wednesday.
For those how wish to come early on Thursday, it could well be last minute constructions are being done and we need to be flexible in setting up our gear. Please be aware of this when you make plans when to arrive on Thursday.

Keep checking the website for new last minute details.
When we get them, you will find them here.

See you all on the LLTM2011.

Added the timetable: LLTM2011_timetable_v2.rar