section-ribbons-gray-180Falcon4 was widely known as the most realistic F-16 simulator available for the PC.

The level of realism is, especially after the release of several patches, almost as high as an Air Force simulator. Falcon 4 is as real as it gets. Ramp start in front of the shelter, mid-air refueling, air to ground strikes and engagements with a wide variety of adversaries like the feared MiG-29 and Su-27 in an ultra realistic and hostile environment. This is with what the LLTM started with back in 2001, now seven editions ago. The Falcon 4 competition was the main section of the previous events. A squadron competition for 4 men teams, called a flight.
In 2005 the successor of Falcon 4 came available, Falcon 4 Allied Force. Produced by Lead Pursuit they brought back stability and development to the scene of military flight simulators.

From LLTM2013 the Falcon 4 section will be flyng the new benschmark in military flightsimulation, FalconBMS.

Solo pilots who sign in, will be placed in one of the Mercenary Tiger squadrons and will fly with other solo pilots or incomplete squadrons. No worries about your skill level not being adequate for the task at hand. We also have the free flight section where you can freewheel and enjoy the event and tell the public about your hobby.

The LLTM is for every one as there is a lot to learn from others. Pilots are more then willing to help you out and learn you the tricks of the trade.
Still, coming prepared is a wise choice if you want to take the first price home with your squadron.

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