The PC is not the Limit. For some a good HOTAS isn’t enough.
They want more. They are looking for another challenge, a different level.

Most pilots are rather fanatical. But some of them dare to go further, their own cockpit. Building it from scratch with nothing more then some drawings, photo’s and a lot of perseverance. How about a 100% copy of a F-16 cockpit? It takes months, if not years, to build one. The gauges and switches, they all need to work the proper way. Connected to an ordinary computer (in some cases 2 or more) they bring to life that extra dimension. Buttons to be pushed just a motion away, switches to be set just beside your knee. Once you have experienced it, you don’t ever want to go back to your desktop pit.

Pit building is more about hands men craft, than flying skills. Most pit builders prefer electrical gear above a HOTAS. But at the end, they all share the same passion: military aviation.

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