You run to your aircraft, spool up your engines and contact the tower for clearance. Within minutes you’re airborne. The AWACS guides you to a hostile contact. More dots show up on your screen. You instruct your wingmen and go in.

While you’re intercepting the enemy fighters, someone spots some strike aircraft down low, heading for your airbase. You decide two will be enough to take out the fighters, so you send the others back to defend the base. After a quick dogfight (bvr missiles weren’t effective) you head back to base. The others are already on final, and you see no damage to the airfield. Mission completed.

Time to strike back. Reconnaisance has found some enemy installations, and it’s time to pay them a visit. Your task will be to gain air superiority while a couple of mud-movers sneak in down below. While you distract the enemy interceptors, the attack flight takes out their main installations. Sending the last of their fighters down in a ball of flames, you head back to enjoy a well-deserved drink. Lockon has been part of the freeflight section for the past events, but will be a main part of the competition. There will be three types of missions.

– Cooperative team effort (attack ground targets, dodge SAMS, and stay alive)
– Team vs Team, take out key targets and gain air superiority over the other team
– Fun compo, an airrace type mission, including carrier ops, high speed flight, and operating from roads, well away from your home base.

More info on the mission’s content will follow later via news-letters. All missions are designed for teams of four pilots, but this doesn’t mean solo pilots can’t join the fun. Solo pilots will be assigned to special Mercenary Tiger squads.


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