DownUnder Tiger Meet (DUTM) postponed

The DownUnder Tiger Meet (DUTM) has been postponed.

DUTM postponed

DUTM postponed

Unfortunately the number of online groups and individuals could not participate due to timing, logistics and location of the September event. I could not justify the use of such a large venue like the one located at Luna Park for a small LAN demo event.

Enquiries are in progress on a number of venues, including the Australian International Airshow in Melbourne. It is my intention to  plan and execute the DownUnder Tiger Meet in the near future. If the Aerospace Foundation of Australia, the organisers of the Airshow, provide us with a free display area within the main Pavillion, this will certainly be an interesting option in which to hold the DUTM.

In conclusion, I tried my very best and as a result, I now have to work with what I have, and I think that the event format I have for next weekend will work nicely with the venue, and for attracting new people to the world of flight simulation.

Kind Regards

Ross “Nimrod” Farquharson