IL-2 weekly update #2

This week’s update is about aircraft & difficulty levels.

We have created a new system for the pilot skills competition.
This means we have 2 leagues; the FR (Full real) and EO (Externals On).
If you want to find out what that means, check the forum because there you can find out what they are & see what the difference is compared to last year.
Because version 4.10 has a set of new difficulty levels, this is important to all participants.

Moving on to mission information; the dive bomber that will be used is the Ju-87B.
Have you tried dive- bombing with G-force limit on? Well, maybe you should…
The Stuka is the second bomber beside the B-25 as announced last week. We will do 5 missions, and the other missions are for 2 fighters and 1 ground attack a/c.

That means you now know all of the bombers for the pilot skills missions.
Next week, find out which fighter you should practice….it’s a new one!
Check the forum for all previous mission information by clicking here.

1.JaVA_FD, thank you for the header image!