IL-2 weekly update

In previous articles we have announced some of the new goodies that will be included in the pilot skills competition.
In fact, version 4.10 adds some really special things to the sim that enhances the realism.
This week you can find out which features from 4.10 will be used in the skills competition.

The navigation aids will be used for some blind flying. The good thing is, that this feature was developed with the real world in mind; radio signals do not travel across mountains and weather can be a big influence on them, too.

All of this will be experienced in one of the missions.

The best thing to do is start training on the B-25 Mitchell bomber. It has blind flying equipment and is very suited for a nice intruder mission in adverse weather conditions – in the dark!
Do you know which instruments show the radio beacon position? Do you know how to see or hear whether you are in the path of the ILS beacon? Do you know how to request runway lights to be switched on?
Well, better get started on those new pilot skills then.

Next week, find out which is the other bomber that will be used during the competition. It’s dive bombing ability brings risks because of the G-limits imposed by 4.10. Have you tried that yet?

Check the forum for the cumulative mission information.