LLTM event stops ………

…….. for now.



Hi all,

Due to work changes and family circumstances I don’t have the time to organize LLTM2015. The current LLTM todo list needs too much time and effort which I cannot spare.
The last 2 years preparing the LowLand Tiger Meet where a struggle. I therefore feel that time has come to stop organizing and event like the LLTM because of the current effort needed to get it back on track. Finding a good host in these times is cumbersome and a key factor in making the event a success. Besides that, during the last three years the community has not shown the interest there once was. Time to move on.

The LLTM started out in 2000 in the old Aviodome at Schiphol Airport. Ervani and Biggles, just two guys aside a Dutch Air Force F-16, informing and showing visitors what Falcon 4.0 was all about. It was not called the “LowLand Tiger Meet” but it was the beginning. It inspired Ervani & friends to create a flightsim event and called it the LowLand Tiger Meet. Interest was there and the event grew, with 2001 and 2002 having two events in one year at the Militair Luchtvaart Museum in Soesterberg. The newly build Aviodrome at Lelystad was up next. But because of construction delays we ended up in a hangar at Lelystad airport in 2003. After the 2004 event in the new Aviodrome Aviation Theme Park, Ervani handed over the organization to Ice. As the Aviodrome was not willing to host the LLTM event again under our conditions, the event needed a new location. This brought us to Germany in 2005 where we were the guest of Tobit Software in Ahaus. The LLTM event expanded with sections added. Besides the Falcon 4 section we had DCS and IL-2. More crewmembers came to help organize the event and prepare challenging missions for the various sections. This took us through 7 years of great LLTM events with participant numbers growing. Pilots joining from all over Europe and interest from sponsors and press grew. In 2012 we needed to move again and finding a suitable location was tough. The years 2012 and 2013 saw no Lowland Tiger Meet event. Finding a suitable location was though and time to spend became less and less. In December 2013 WZZRD Enschede proofed to be a good host. The Lowland Tiger Meet 2014 – Back in town, was a fact. With 32 participants it was a great event with potential for more. But again circumstances changed and a though choice had to be made. The LowLand Tiger Meet event will stop ……….. for now.