LLTM2011 floorplan challenge

LLTM2010 knew some sunshine problems. We need your brains to fix it.

We also did a new invention. Coffecups can be turned into life savers on a LAN where sunshine destroyes your TrackIR functionality.
We have seen alot of coffeecups been used for other means then what they where designed for. 🙂

TrackIR mod

So here is the deal. We need a solution to the sun problem we had last year. Not all of you had it, but some did, and it ruined some of their LLTM2010 experience.
I have asked Tobit to solve the problem. But this was denied for obvious reasons. The can’t just cover the roof and sidewalls with darkening covers. Besides it being expensive, it’s not good for exposure.

So I would like all you to come with a solution. Maybe we should turn the chairs/tables 45 degree so we all sit with the side of the table to the south?
Just write your remarks below in the comment field.

Below the floorplan we had for LLTM2010. The red arrow is the sun alignment.

You can also let  us know of your plan through the webform.