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As of 2014 the LLTM TicketShop will be used to register for the LLTM event. Together with registering one can select what services should be included. For the LLTM event we have a lunch and dinner buffet. Please check the ticketshop page (currently non functional) for more details.

One can only register for oneself. It is not allowed to register for more than one person.

It is prohibited to bring large amounts of food and drinks to the venue. Some candy, chips and small amounts of soft drinks are allowed. Alcohol is allowed, but again in small amounts. We offer coffee/thee/water during the event and have the buffet twice a day. If you have not ordered the buffet, you are supposed to eat away from the LLTM venue.

The Terms & Conditions for the LLTM event are not defined to the ninth. We believe as it is a community event, a community we know and respect, that everybody will use their common sense and LAN experience. That you won’t do anything wrong that could harm our host WZZRD, fellow participants and their hardware, the LowLand Tiger Meet organization or the LLTM event.

All that is not mentioned here and needs a decision prior or during the event, the LLTMCrew will decide on the matter and the outcome will take immediate effect.

Mentioned fees are based on cost price. We do our upmost to keep fees as low as possible.

The LowLand Tiger Meet is a nonprofit organization. We cannot be held responsible for any misconduct, failure of systems or agreements not adhered to by parties involved.



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