Rise of Flight at the LLTM 2013
Rise of Flight returns to the LLTM with a fullblown section.

Rise of Flight @ LLTM2013

Two years ago, this WWI combat flight simulator first participated with a demo table. Many people got a chance to try out the then relatively new sim, and through generous sponsoring from 777 studios and Aerosoft, all participants went home with an ‘Iron Cross Edition’ copy.

Now, Rise of Flight has matured. Many new planes have been added, and even a completely new map that represents the coast of Belgium, with the front lines running from the flooded locks at Nieuwpoort and Dixmuide, all the way to Ypres, and further south. Included are also the English Channel and the southwest of England, with coastal towns such as Dover, Felixstowe and Ramsgate. An exciting theatre for many historical air battles, and one where Rise of Flight’s new water planes can be put to good use!

This year, we plan to make full use of this ‘Channel Map’ by offering exciting cooperative or competitive missions to play, with and against eachother.  We’ll offer many reasons that make your participation worthwhile, and they will be further expanded on in articles on this site. So watch this space!

We’re looking forward to your visit, with the kindest regards from the Rise of Flight section,

Joris (Jorri)


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