Rise of Flight prizes

The winners of the LLTM2011 get their Rise of Flight gift airplane codes …………

soon. šŸ™‚Ā 
It took us quite some time to get all the needed information collected from 27 winners. But we are close to handing out the Rise of Flight ICEĀ activation codes for the ones who did not get the ROF ICE DVD box at the LLTM2011. AndĀ the registration codes for the various airplanes theĀ LLTM2011 winners have won.

A great thanks to 777Studios and Aerosoft for sponsoring the LLTM2011 with these great prizes. Thank you.
If you have not yet got to know Rise of Flight ICE, head over to the Rise of Flight website and download the demo. More then worth your while.
Scroll down to look at some Rise of Flight trailers.

LLTM2011 ROF ICE gift aircraft