Strong crew on FalconBMS section

section-ribbons-gray-180Latest news on the LLTM FalconBMS section is in. Default Korea with China interfering and a strong section crew.

default-koreaThe latest on the LLTM2014 FalconBMS section is that default Korea will be flown. Main aim, as always is stability. As FalconBMS will have its first run at LLTM2014 and although there are many proven and tested theaters, models and tweaks, with this being a new venue and with two years of absence, we take the proven way for LLTM2014. More details on this will follow as we approach the event date. Expect us to keep you up to date on developing matters.

The LLTM2014 FalconBMS section will also have a strong crew of four working  on mission building, (de)briefings, community input and update, and more. And with a test team of 6 testpilots, running through every mission multiple times, we try to create content of the best quality possible. Although we have lost some time while looking for new FalconBMS section leaders, we have found a very strong solution for LLTM2014.

The section will be run by the old crew of many past LLTM’s, Homer and Nurse. They will be assisted by Neptune and Ice. Both veterans of Falcon, with a solid military air force background, and experience with building missions and squadron competitions. So expect more discipline and procedures for LLTM2014. This year will not just be about getting that kill. But also about decision-making, procedures, creating a plan and sticking to it and ……. working as a 4-ship weapon system. The old, spiced up with the new, in a brand new Falcon, at LLTM2014, at a new venue. A great new start.

We are seriously looking forward to this as FalconBMS gives us so much more than Falcon Allied Force did. A long-standing wish comes true. Not just for us creating a competition with new content. But most of all for you, the community, the pilots, the 4-ships that will execute these missions.

If you have questions or want more detailed information, visit our community board.