IL-2 section: a year of changes

The 2011 edition of our Tiger Meet will see some changes. Not only do we have a new event added, we have a new sim version, which opens up possiblities!The new sim version is 4.10m, and we will use this for most of the event.
This has some very nice features, such as advanced navigational equipment. We will make good use of the new functions. You can expect:

> Blind landing mission
> MDS (Moving Dogfight Server)
> Guided weapons use

Other changes include a new event: the air race!
We expect to have a lot of fun with that.
All in all I think we will have some nice stuff for you.

We will also have a pilot skills competition and a dogfight competition as usual.

Check back regularly, we have many updates planned.

Please subscribe to the all-new LLTM forum everyone, we’d like to discuss some stuff with you all.

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