Bed & Breakfast reservation

Two weeks left on bed & breakfast LLTM2014 reservations.

If you want to take advantage of the special prize and reservations of nearby bed and breakfast, visit the bed & breakfast page of the LLTM website and book your rooms. The reservation ends 1st March 2014.
From the bed & breakfast page:

The accomodations are appartments with 6 rooms. There are 4 appartments, makes 24 rooms. Four rooms have their own shower/toilet and two have a shared unit. The accomodation has free parking and Wifi.

1 person, shower/toilet – € 41.50
1 person shared shower/toilet – € 38.50
2 person, shower/toilet – € 56.-
2 person, shared shower/toilet – € 52.-

Mentioned prizes do not include breakfast which can be order in the nearby hotel for € 10,-. Use this reservation form to book the accomodation.

More infor visit the bed & breakfast page.