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F4BMS mission pack

LLTM2014 F4BMS Mission Pack available,

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Brazilian training PROC

section-ribbons-gray-180Reuter, 31 -01-2014

Brazilian Airforce and Navy training PROC personal

An unknown spokesman from the US Department of Defence announced that Brasil is increasing its military aid to the PROC.

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FalconBMS competition manual

section-ribbons-gray-180The LLTM2014 FalconBMS Competion Manual is available.

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China sending troops to Indian border

section-ribbons-gray-180LLTM2014 competition news;

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Strong crew on FalconBMS section

section-ribbons-gray-180Latest news on the LLTM FalconBMS section is in. Default Korea with China interfering and a strong section crew.

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