IL-2 Sturmovik

section-ribbons-green-180IL2 is a WWII combat flight simulator and it has become a reference for many other flight simulators. It offers both interesting offline and online play and it has has a large and active user community.

Many virtual IL2 pilots meet each other online on a regular base and fly together individually or as a team. There a are also many people who fly a lot offline but participate in the many user forums. The LLTM offers a unique opportunity to meet other virtual pilots face to face and share experiences and have fun together.

The last few years the LLTM was host of the official European IL2 Championship.But because of community requests we have revamped the competition to opened it for less experienced pilots and offer more time for social talks and fun fights. A serious European Championship requires a lot work in preparation and execution and is difficult to combine with a more relaxed setup.

We decided to drop the European Championship in favor of a more relaxed competition complemented by free flights. This gives us the opportunity to offer interesting game play to players with different pilot skill levels.

For the 2014 LowLand Tiger Meet event it is still up for dicision what the IL-2 Sturmovik section will offer. With current Battle of Stalingrad development it could be come interesting. Stay tuned.



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