DownUnder Tiger Meet 2012

LLTM goes DUTM. The LowLand Tiger Meet expands to the other side of the globe …… Australia. Read all about it and join the DUTM2012. Hurry  ………

Introducing Australia’s premiere combat flight Simulation LAN event Welcome to the Down Under Tiger Meet 2012! The Down Under Tiger Meet (DUTM) is a LAN (Local Area Network) Meet focused on Military aviation and combat flight simulation. This event is inspired by the LowLand Tiger Meet and the real life NATO Tiger Meet. The biggest advantage with a LAN setup compared to the internet, is the higher bandwidth, faster connection speed resulting in less lag (if any at all) and a much smoother flight simulation experience for all participants. Internet access will be provided for those unable to attend the event, although it is preferred for participants to come along, bring their gear and share in the LAN experience.

Flight sims at DUTM 2012

  • Falcon4 (AF;BMS)
  • DCS Series: A10;Combined Arms; Black Shark
  • Lock On Modern Air Combat – FC2
  • IL2 1946 Cliffs Of Dover
  • Rise Of Flight
  • Microsoft FSX

Mateship, flying and learning. Most virtual pilots fly their missions and never face their enemy or wingman in real-life.
This event gives you a chance to meet your opponent, your wingman, your squadron leader. Meet them face to face, shake their hand, share some “war stories” and enjoy a nice cold beverage and some fantastic food. The social aspect of the event is one of the major goals.
We want to make our hobby more socialized. Meet the face that goes with the voice. Forums, message boards, Windows Live Messenger and Facebook pages are essential to keep in touch with fellow pilots. Why not make your virtual friendship a real one? If this is your first ever LAN meet, go for it. You wont regret it.
Your virtual world will take on a whole new perspective, and you will no longer consider this hobby to be an anti-social hobby anymore. Flight simulation isn’t gaming. It’s a simulation of real life actions and skills, and it doesn’t come easy.
It’s not just firing up the computer and taking it for a ride. There’s a manual that can weigh as much as 2 kilo’s with 500+ pages of need to know content. Checklist actions are required to be completed in order to start the jet properly. Tactics, maneuvers, procedures, weapons, mission parameters, aircraft performance envelopes, formations and more. Once you have mastered the flying, stuff will start shooting back at you, and that’s when the fun really begins.
Rookies often struggle with the steep learning curve involved, along with the pages and pages of reading through the flight manuals.
A LAN-connection with other virtual pilots provides an opportunity to fly over a more stable network compared to internet hosted flights. This event has another important goal, and that is promoting our hobby, introducing a larger audience to the world of military flight simulation, and share the enthusiasm of our community.

Event Information
VENUE: Crystal Ballroom – Crystal Palace Complex

There are plenty of things to see and do at Luna Park. Rides, attractions, great restaurants, spectacular harbour and bridge views.
Bring the family and make a day, or even a weekend out of it after the Down Under Tiger Meet! For more information visit

Date & Time: Open to the public:

  • Saturday 1st September: 2:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Sunday 2nd September: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Visitors/Guests: $5
Participants: $10*
Kids: FREE**

*Price includes power, internet connection & Tiger Meet Function.
** Kids 12 years and under.