Falcon 4.0 goes Falcon BMS

“We’re excited about the release of Falcon BMS and hope that it will help revive the Falcon 4 community. We’ve put years

Falcon 4.0 goes Falcon BMS

of time and effort into this release and hope you enjoy it. To help get you familiar with some of the new features and enhancements, we’ve written a number of articles and will be adding more as time permits. Enjoy the site!”

Taken from the BMS website it says the following:

What is Falcon 4.0?

If you’re new to Falcon 4.0, (“F4” for short), F4 is a combat flight simulator originally developed and released December 12, 1998 by MicroProse. It models the Lockheed-Martin F-16C Block 50/52 in a full-scale war on the Korean Peninsula. F4 has been popular among combat sim pilots due to its dynamic war campaign engine, detailed aircraft avionics, and multi-player capabilities. Continual development of the simulation by community members has allowed F4 to live on years after the MicroProse studios were shut down and official development of the sim ceased.

Who are we?

Benchmark Sims is one of the few remaining F4 development groups comprised of “community members”. Our first beta release for an F4 mod was in September of 2003. We’ve done our best to add still more improvements to F4 in the meanwhile. “Falcon BMS” is now the official name of our community mod for the original Falcon 4.0.

What have we accomplished?

BMS has worked on an array of features and our goal with the articles is to try and bring back that same excitement the old MicroProse developer’s notes gave us all years ago. We could just say something like “we’ve coded a new flight model” but without any documentation, there would be no appreciation as to just how difficult it was, how long it took to get right, or how detailed it is. We think some of our features will make your jaw drop–it does ours! Some of those features include:

3d cockpit
Terrain engine
Multi-player code improvements
Flight modeling and physics
Artificial Intelligence
Sound engine
User Interface
Airbase modeling
Weather modeling

And more!

You probably have a lot of questions about Falcon BMS. Feel free to visit ourĀ FAQ page for answers.

-The Benchmark Sims Team