FalconLog preview

FalconLog from Stevie has posted a preview and a request on his Falcon 4 log tool/website.
Stevie is part of the 185th Resevoir dogs and on their website they posted that as of 8 december 2011 Falcon 4 BMS would be their official standard to fly.
This combined with the news that Stevie reported ……….. could mean we will soon have a FalconLog tool available for BMS. But this is just me speculating. 🙂

This is what Stevie posted on his FalconLog website:

feb 1, 2011 – Sneak preview

Development for the new update is going strong, check out this preview.
Next to that, I would like to ask you guys to contact me if you have training to contribute. I would like to build up a large training base for everyone who’s enjoys Falcon 4 Allied Force, old or new.

So let all Falcon 4 AF/BMS pilots help him out and see to it that his development is not halted by lack of intrest. 🙂