interview Developer Interview with DCS A-10C Jim Mackonochie.With DCS: A10C Warthog landing very soon, and promising to be the most detailed modern combat flight sim ever flown outside of a Miramar training facility, Maverick mimics will be busy fondling their HOTAS setups for many months to come. We spoke to Jim Mackonochie from The Fighter Collection, builders of the game, about how this simulator evolved from a product built for the US military, its final system requirements, improvements to the AI and tutorial sections, and even locked down the release window!

Video by Glowing Amraam Productions Can you discuss how DCS: A10C evolved from work you did for the US military?

Jim Mackonochie: We had permission from the military to develop a consumer version of the A10C, so we were able to implement unclassified systems with considerable fidelity.

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