IL-2 weekly update #6

This week, it’s about versions & Cliffs of Dover.

What’s in a name?
For years, we assumed that the sequel to IL-2 would be called `Storm of War` . Recently, this has changed into IL-2:  Cliffs of Dover.

Yet, this update is about IL-2… so what about it?
Well, to keep thing easy, the LLTM runs both under the same section. We can understand that not everyone will come to the LLTM with Cliffs of Dover on their rig; that’s why we keep the “old” IL-2 version for one more edition and we will use both sims this year.

This means you can choose which sim you fly and we will simply  provide you with good programs for both.
For those who fly IL-2, please be aware that we will run version 4.101m.
For those that use Cliffs of Dover, we don’t know which version we will run. The good thing is,  that Tobit has an excellent wireless LAN providing us with all we need for our games to connect to the internet! So if updates would be needed, or any type of content, we’re in the clear.
This was good news for Rise of Flight and so it is good news for the Cliffs of Dover jockeys, too!

In the course of the next updates you can also find out in which way we will have a different type of dogfight competition; the competition is still there but the planes choice and maybe some competition elements will be diffreent from what we had in previous editions.

Check out the forums; you can still cast your vote for the pilot skills competition & we are also discussing the dogfight competition! To find that, just click HERE.
One more thing; for those who don’t know how to train blind flying in the B-25, you can download a training mission HERE.

Header image by 1.JaVA_FD