Jim Mackonochie passed away today




Wags over at the ED forum announced the following;

It is with a very heavy heart that I want to relay that our dear friend and compatriot Jim Mackonochie (JimMack) died of liver cancer today. Jim, the son of a British test pilot was a Royal Navy officer before being a key figure in the birth of PC flight simulation. Jim was pivotal in the launch of the original Falcon and many other software entertainment products before he served as the catalyst that brought The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics together to launch the original Su-27 Flanker. In the years that followed, Jim served as the primary business development manager for TFC/Eagle Dynamics and was responsible for DCS products being available in dozens of countries around the world. But Jim was also one of the most genuine people you could hope to meet and he was a common sight at many fly-in, air shows, and industry events. Like most people that excel in their field, Jim always had a true passion for this work and always pushed our team to provide the best product possible. Jim would spend hours going over reviews, customer feedback, and of course these very forums to provide the best possible perspective of what the customers wanted. He really was the customers’ producer. Jim will be deeply missed here and his passing leaves a hole in TFC and Eagle Dynamics that can never be filled.
We the LLTMCrew are shocked with this news. We have met Jim on many occasions during the LowLand Tiger Meet events, online through the various channels and on various other occasions. He was always available and answered what ever question or request you had, we talked about ideas, development in flight simulation, event organization and much more. He will be dearly missed.
Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. And friends he has a lot. Although distance separated us, modern technology brought us close and created this friendship. A friend like as if he lived across the street, always close and there if needed.
Rest is peace Jim.