LLTM forum down

As some have noticed, the LLTM forum is down ……. and up …… and down again.

Sorry about this but the host has renamed a db table as they suspected SPAM. I am not able to correct this any earlier then Sunday 01-05 or Monday 02-05. Sorry for inconvenience.

edit 22-07-2011:
At the beginning of  the holiday season we have updated the SMF forum and changes some stuff to make it work this time around. Hope it holds.
The old LLTM forum design is not yet up, but we are working on  it.

edit 22-08-2011:
Again the forum is down. It seems this was been the case for some weeks now. As I have not recieved any pressing mails to correct it I take it there is not really much activity going on the LLTM forum. 🙂 Because of this I will take my time in correcting the forum setup.
Sorry for the inconvenience in not being able to provide the full functionality.