LLTM2011 signatures

The LLTM is offering every LLTM participant and fan the possibility for their own LLTM signature.
The LLTMCrew have of course their own sig they can use.
But we would like participants and fans to have their own LLTM signature to spread around on forums and sorts.

This is the LLTMCrew signature we use this year:

For the participants and fans we have the below versions:

Code for the general fan version is:

BB code = [img] http://www.hiltservices.nl/lltm/2013/upload/crew/images/signatures/lltm_sig_fan.jpg [/img]

Or you can have a fan version with your nick.

So send us your request and you will get a LLTM signature (in due time 😀 ).
Once made, it will be updated every year and hosted on the LLTM servers for you to use.
The code to use the sig will be given to you by mail.  8)

We also have an avatar to use. This is the image:

LLTM avatar

BB code = [img] http://www.hiltservices.nl/lltm/2013/upload/crew/images/signatures/sig_wings_silver.gif [/img]

LLTM avatar

BB code = [img] http://www.hiltservices.nl/lltm/2013/upload/crew/images/signatures/sig_wings_silver.jpg [/img]
Hope you like it and will use the service.

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