LLTM2011 website live

You are looking at the new LowLand Tiger Meet website. We wanted to make a new version of the website for quite some time but every time there was something interfering with this effort.
But first A Happy New Year to all of you out there. That 2011 will bring you what you want.

Back to LLTM matters. A new year, a new website.
For now the website has all the basics online. But the content is far from ready. We wanted to go live now because of the registration needing to get rolling.  So visit the regform and subscribe for LLTM2011.

Some new features we have implemented;

You can comment on postings done by the LLTMCrew. In the past we always wanted feedback on topics posted. Now you can add your thoughts in a very easy way by a comment at the bottom of each posting we do. We can switch this feature off so expect some postings to be just informative.

We will be adding more interactive content. All the old websites will be dismantled over time and integrated into the the new setup. Galleries, our YouTube channel, social networks and more. So if you have something you want added to the LLTM domain tell us about it.

We also have a dedicated LLTM forum. Brand new, pretty empty but with potential.

And as a last for now, the LLTMCrew is in need of some serious new skills. The web is getting more and more accessible by all, more and more interactive. Skills and motivation to broaden the way we communicate about the LLTM event is something we want to explore and implement in the future. So look at the jobs page to see if a crewpositionprofile (cpp) fits your skills and wishes.