LLTM2014 results

LTM2014 was small but a great experience. We could test the new location and see if all works out the way we thought it would. And it did….. and more.LLTM 2013-2014-250Despite one power failure in one corner of the area and some doubts about internet availability after a Gorilla LAN was created for Falcon BMS, all was good.

Despite the numbers, the LLTMCrew was very happy to have done the effort to make LLTM2014 happen. With 5 teams in the FalconBMS section, 4 teams in the IL-2 section and some free flight members in the DCS section, it was a busy and buzzing LLTM2014.

And this year almost all LLTMCrew members could join the flying. Apart from Homer and Nurse who did a great job in setting up the FalconBMS competition and doing the briefing and debriefings in their own remarkable style. There was alot of gratitude and appreciation for their effort and mission quality.
And for the cracks, LLTM2014 Falcon BMS missions are available below.

Not all images are in yet, but we have put up a LLTM2014 Gallery for now. Have a look.


LLTM2014 European Championship scoring

IL-2 section:

Dogfight competition:

  1. 1JaVA_JoJo – EAF_Snafu
  2. 1JaVA_KEBEN – 1JaVA_Biggles
  3. 1JaVA_Naj_Treg – 1JaVA_Platypus

Pilot skills competition:

  1. 1.JaVA_Platypus
  2. 1.JaVA_JoJo
  3. 1.JaVA_Pod

FalconBMS section:

1. Block 40+ – 32325 pnts
Runner – Spirit – Cop – Jester

2. Campground – 29550 pnts
Cutter – Apex  – Leech – Snowman

3. Lawndarts – 27675 pnts
Alohir – Hannibal – DragonFly

Download the LLTM2014 FalconBMS MissionPack set.

Tiger Spirit award 2014:

Nurse & Homer – For the years they have run the Falcon 4 section, and their swift return as a LLTMCrew member when the event needed them to run the LLTM2014 FalconBMS section one last time, when they had already left the LLTMCrew to become a participant at LLTM2014.


We will be back in Augusts 2014 with a new date for LLTM2015. This can’t be done any sooner as we need to know the socces schedule of FC Twente before we are able to select a fitting weekend for LLMT2015.

From all of us, the LLTMCrew, it was once again an honor.
Stay save.