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The LLTM organization has reserved sleeping quaters. Across from WZZRD where LLTM2014 is held the Twente University has several appartments and bungalows. We have reserved some of them.

Twente University bungalowsUniversity bungalows

The university has 7 simple bungalows where 15 people can sleep (105 total). Reservation needs to be done per 15 ppl. Contact the LLTMCrew for further booking details.

Read here on the details of the cabins.


Twente University appartmentsUniversity appartments

The accomodations are appartments with 6 rooms. There are 4 appartments, makes 24 rooms. Four rooms have their own shower/toilet and two have a shared unit. The accomodation has free parking and Wifi. Read more.

1 person, shower/toilet – € 41.50
1 person shared shower/toilet – € 38.50
2 person, shower/toilet – € 56.-
2 person, shared shower/toilet – € 52.-

Mentioned prizes do not include  breakfast which can be order in the nearby hotel for € 10,-. Use this reservation form to book the accomodation.


Details on the mentioned hotels in the area are found on (UK) and Google Search.

In preperation for this event I have tested several hotel-search websites and these two came out best with good search results for hotels relative close to the LLTM venue. gave the below results: - Hotels in the Enschede area.#1 Van der Valk Hotel Hengelo [8.6 KM]

#2 Mamas Bed & Breakfast Enschede [5.1 KM]

#3 Sandton Hotel Resort Bad Boeklo [8.6 KM]

#4 Hotel Marktzicht Losser [14.2 KM]







Google search gave the below results:


Google search - Hotels in the Eenschede area.#1 E. Hampshire Hotel – De Broeierd Enschede [900 meters]
#2 H. Van der Valk Hotel Hengelo [8.6 KM]
# 3 F. Hotel Amadeus [5.3 KM]
#4 A. Sandton Hotel Resort Bad Boekelo [8.6 KM]
#5 B. Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Grote Zwaan [19.4 KM]








Trivago - Hotels in the Enschede areaIn searching a bit more while setting up this page I found Trivago to give the best prices. Use the above links to check out location and facilities of the various hotels, but you could use Trivago to book your hotel.








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