Pre-Order the Halberstadt CL.II

Dear Friends,
We are pleased to introduce the next plane that will soon rise into the ROF sky! It is a well-known German two-seat fighter, the Halberstadt CL.II.

Pre-order the Halberstadt CL.II

It was a successful aircraft originally meant to escort bombers, but it was soon found to be an excellent ground attack aircraft. In fact, this is the first real dedicated German close-air support aircraft used in the war. We expect good maneuverability that is comparable to single seat machines. In the Career it will appear as a substitute for DFW in the later stages of the war. In multiplayer battles we hope it will be a symmetric response to the British Bristol F2B. We are opening the pre-order for this aircraft now so you can save a few bucks and we will make every effort to finish this aircraft as soon as possible and have it flying on your PC.

Halberstadt CL II specifications


Halberstadt CL.II design was a responce to idflieg (Inspectorate of Aviation Troops) specification issued in august of 1916 for new “light C-type” with 160-180 engine.

The purpose was to create a two-seat escort fighter to protect heavier observation aircraft from attacks of allied fighters. In November of 1916 idflieg ordered tree prototypes of Halberstadt CL.II with Mercedes D.III engine, so the first ready airplane was rolled out in april of 1917, so after few wing design changes type was undergoing final tests in Adlesdorf in 2-7 May 1917.

Deliveries of machines into frontline service begin by August 1917, being supplied mostly to Schutzstaffeln (Protection flights), and Schlachtstaffeln (Ground attack flights). Its climb and maneuverability was excellent and regarded by its crews as very close to such single engined fighters as Albatross D.III/V. While airplane was able to carry photo and radio installations, and primarily used as escort fighter it was also used as ground attack aircraft. Because of its good maneuverability and ability to rapidly change flight altitude it was able to avoid enemy ground fire and successfully used to hit enemy ground troops and other frontline installations.

Cause of its good performance and ability to hold itself against enemy fighters, light and comfortable to fly, CL.II was preferred by pilots over all other types and remained in service through whole war, served together with new airplane types. Its not exactly known how many of the CL.II where build, but by production orders its 900 machines correspondingly to six idflieg production orders for Halberstadter Flugzeugwerke, plus around of 300 machines by Bayerische Flugzeug Werke AG in two orders, so it’s something close to 1200 machines in overall.

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