Rise of Flight on LLTM2011

Rise of Flight ICE to become new section at LLTM2011.

Rise of Flight medals

Rise of Flight at LLTM2011

Aerosoft / 777 Studios! are the new sponsors of the LowLand Tiger Meet. Although we had the plan to integrate new sims into the LLTM event, 777 Studios! were so thrilled about this that they offered to sponsor. So expect something new at the LLTM event.
We the LLTMCrew are excited about this deal and look forward to the cooperation with Aerosoft and 777 Studios!. 777 Studios! have a great new flight simulation experience with Rise of Flight: ICE. Something new, not done before in such detail.

Rise of Flight Championship
Rise of FLight: ICE is a new section during LLTM2011. So if you feel you can really fly, come join the Rise of Flight section for some serious handcraft airbattles. Take a look at some videos on the Rise of Flight Championship YouTube channel.

Rise of Flight Championship – YouTube channel:

LLTM2011 sponsors Aerosoft and 777 Studios!